Maximize infection prevention, reduce risk


PENTAX Medical’s DEC™ Video Duodenoscope

Risks factors associated with endoscope infection outbreaks


Bacterial contamination of duodenoscope and accessories in U.S. Report dated from 2012 to 2017.
The data might vary in the future according to new reports.
Source: FDA Maude Report.

The PENTAX Medical solution

The innovative design of the PENTAX Medical DEC™ Duodenoscope introduces a unique solution in the market and simplifies the overall reprocessing process.

The elevator cap is designed as a disposable component

The elevator area of the duodenoscope is one of the most difficult components to clean. With the DEC™ Duodenoscope design, this challenge is overcome through the elevator integration into the disposable distal end cap.

DEC™ … Lock In, Elevate your Care