ATMOS C 11 Systema


Next generation ENT workstation technology

The treatment unit for effective working efficiency

As one of the leading experts in fully equipped, high quality ENT workstation systems, we fully appreciate the requirements of ENT clinicians. As a result of this knowledge and experience we have developed the new ATMOS® C 11 Systema. In every ATMOS® C 11 Systema, our understanding of your needs is demonstrated and your experience in achieving optimum patient/doctor workflow is expressed. Thanks to its intelligent modular system, the treatment unit can be expanded according to your needs. The full version includes all the functions you require for examination and treatment. Its compact design makes the most out of even the smallest spaces.

The little giant – small footprint, high possibilities

You can start with a small, inexpensive system but this can grow as your needs develop. We believe in using the highest quality materials (metal construction), the latest technologies (LED illumination), and sophisticated hygiene concepts (independent, auto-clavable ear irrigation module) can be integrated in the new ATMOS® C 11 Systema.

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