The microscope with a system for perfect viewing and working

The ATMOS® i View PRO has everything a tip microscope needs – nothing more.

The development goal was to give surgeons the best possible tool to use during procedures to allow a concentrated, trouble-free operation.
ATMOS has achieved this with “slim design” optics, lighting and harmonious operation. Distracting features were deliberately omitted.

The new dimension of safe detailed vision

For the ATMOS® i View PRO, completely new optics were developed.
The 24 mm stereo base makes for brilliant space impression. The extra large exit pupil facilitates the adaptation of the human eye to the eyepiece and promises fatigue-free
and concentrated work, even over long periods.

  • Unparalleled large depth of field
  • Lenses for working at a distance from 200 to 400 mm
  • 5 Level Magnification from 2,6 – 16
  • Adaption of the latest generation Sony digital cameras (E-Mount)

Operation Deep view

“Depth of field Plus” is an option, with the depth of field of the microscope able to be increased by magnification of up to 200% .

The new “cold light” – The Turbo LED

ATMOS has been using LED’s for years. Integrated, confocal LED lighting is at the heart of our new development. We were able to draw on experience with our headlamps, our endoscopic light sources and our camera visualisation.

  • Optimised lighting quality
  • Very bright
  • The patient’s tissue is not thermally stressed
  • Full lighting can be used without limitation
  • Lifetime warranty on the light source
  • No fan noise

LEDs are the “long-distance runners” among lightsources. ATMOS offers its customers a lifetime warranty on the lamp.

Even during longer procedures, it only heats the patient’s tissue minimally. (For example: overall warming over a period of 10 minutes <1.8°C!)

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