ATMOS S 61 Servant & ATMOS S 61 CORIAN®


Unbeatable infection control and design versatility

Every ENT practice is different. Its modular design concept makes the ATMOS S 61 Servant the right solution for any space. We can configure the treatment unit to suit your individual requirements, space, and processes.

While developing its ATMOS S 61 CORIAN® treatment unit, ATMOS aimed to provide ENT doctors with a solution that easily meets the infection control requirements stipulated on regulations of infection prevention. To this end, ATMOS relied on a special material called CORIAN®. This exceptionally robust material has a nonporous surface to ensure maximum infection control.

  • More efficient – Reduce your expenditure by reviewing our full range and selecting only the modules and devices you need for your work.
  • Better ambience – Make sure your patients feel comfortable during their visit with the right design for your treatment units.
  • More individual – Make the most of the space in your practice by configuring the treatment units to suit your space and needs.
  • Less strain – The positions of the individual control elements and the automatic device start-up and switch-over make using our equipment fast and easy.
  • Better hygiene – Sophisticated hygiene and secretion management system when storing, disposing of, disinfecting, and picking out instruments.

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