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Comprehensive FEES® solutions from PENTAX Medical

Offering innovative, full-featured solutions for voice and dysphagia specialists practicing in a variety of clinical environments.

Digital FEES – Instantaneous Review and Improved Workflow

The PENTAX Medical Digital FEES System is ideal for use in a hospital environment, speech clinic, or office setting. It’s a complete system with video and audio captured concurrently and recorded directly to computer storage, for instant exam retrieval and playback.

Playback features include quick and easy access to any exam segment, frame-byframe jogging, real-time and slow-motion playback rates, and side-by-side review of two different exams for comparison of patient performance over time. Still images can be captured and stored with each exam, and patient data and exam findings can be entered and stored in the built-in patient database or transferred to a PACS system via the available DICOM option.

Digital FEES Key Features:

  • Complete FEES system, with digital recording, playback, and exam storage
  • Bright, 150W Halogen light source
  • Built-in patient database and report generator for clinical efficiency
  • Compatible with DICOM, endoPortal, and endoServer™ network solutions

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  • Real-time visual feedback for patients to assist with therapy goals
  • Complete videoendoscopic (FEES) system for bedside evaluation
  • Time-linked video and physiologic data for comprehensive assessment
  • Fully integrated exam management system with patient database
  • Report generator containing critical exam findings and images
  • Mobile cart for all system components
  • Digital video recording system for fluoroscopic and FEES exams
  • Objective measurements of key physiologic parameters related to swallowing

Digital Video Recording Module- 7245C or 7245C/E

Module includes hardware and software for fluoroscopy* and FEES digital recording. Can be integrated with Swallowing Signals Lab and/or FEES components (purchased separately).

  • Professional-quality digital video (and audio) acquisition and playback.
  • Includes current model Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHZ, 3 GB of system RAM
  • 3500 GB (3.5 TeraBytes) of hard disk storage
    • Four removable hard drive slots (each with 500 GB drive)
    • Three internal hard drives (1.5 TB)
  • Four removable hard drive slots with 500 GB each (e.g., provides instant access to ~1500 exams at 3 minutes each)
  • 9” high-resolution monitor.
  • Complete report generator (output as a Word file with images)
  • Convenient footpedal control of recording/pause
  • Lapel microphone for exam narration.
  • Patient database with user-definable fields
  • Exam management system under software control for easy retrieval of exams; removable hard drives with large storage capacity
  • Utility for converting exams to multimedia formats (MPEG, etc.)
  • Easy DVD creation of exam
  • Instant access to any portion of exam; frame-by-frame and slow-motion review
  • Precise frame-accurate correlation of video and physiologic data