Laryngeal Strobe: Model 9400


For stroboscopic exams, the PENTAX Medical Laryngeal Strobe light source provides the bright, clear, razor-sharp images needed for reliable analysis of vocal fold structure and motion. Designed to provide excellent image quality and superb illumination, the laryngeal strobe is easy to use, supporting clinical efficiency.

Excellent image quality

The 9400 laryngeal strobe utilizes 5-microsecond, short-duration, light flashes for razor-sharp images of the vibrating vocal folds during endoscopic exams. This true strobe light technology creates sharp still images that clearly show the vocal fold edges.

Engineered to illuminate

Bright xenon flashing lamps and constant halogen lights provide excellent illumination. PENTAX Medical anti-blinking circuitry provides uniform brightness throughout the patient’s pitch and intensity range. Automatic light control supports consistent brightness and faster, easier exams.

Faster, easier exams

PENTAX Medical’s proven algorithm provides accurate pitch tracking that allows quick lock on. Foot-pedal control of key functions during procedures frees physicians’ hands for easier exams. The easy-to-read, front-panel LCD screen provides numerical and graphical display of key exam parameters and results.

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The Digital Strobe complements the entry-level stroboscopy systems from KayPENTAX to provide a complete family of endoscopy/stroboscopy systems appropriate for any budget and performance requirement.


  • Excellent image quality for stroboscopic and endoscopic exams
  • Instant retrieval and playback of recorded procedures
  • True stroboscopic light source with extraordinary image clarity
  • Excellent pitch extraction over wide range of voices
  • Built-in patient database and exam management system
  • Report generator containing images and key exam findings
  • Standard video formats supported for portability of video segments
  • Acoustic analysis software included
  • Comprehensive five-hour video on stroboscopic assessment of voice

Superior Stroboscopy Light Source

The key component in any “true” stroboscopy system is the light source. KayPENTAX’s Stroboscope, Model 9100B uses 5-microsecond flashes to freeze the quickly vibrating vocal folds, thereby providing razor-sharp image clarity throughout the glottal cycle over a wide range of fundamental frequencies and vocal amplitudes. Shuttered-camera approaches which attempt to mimic stroboscopy are unable to match this image quality which is particularly evident when recordings are paused for image analysis or printing a still.

KayPENTAX’s light source contains all of the key features for maximum quality and versatility: excellent illumination of laryngeal structures with both xenon and halogen (constant) light sources; slow, fast, and locked modes for viewing the vocal folds in motion or in a “fixed” position within the vibratory cycle; foot switch control of important functions; LED display of amplitude and fundamental frequency; audio preamplifier; accurate pitch extraction over an extensive range; throat microphone or electroglottograph (EGG) input; fast lock-on time; and field-replaceable bulbs.

Many stroboscopy light sources vary in brightness during the glottal cycle resulting in a “blinking” image quality. This effect may be accentuated with changes in amplitude and fundamental frequency. KayPENTAX’s light source includes a special circuit that eliminates blinking video and provides uniform brightness throughout the patient’s pitch and amplitude range.