Pentax Discovery AI

Fight Colorectal cancer with artificial intelligence

DISCOVERY™ PENTAX Medical Smart Assistant System SAS-M10 assists physician in real time polyp detection as an always focused observer raising attention to subtle and unremarkable lesion. Multiple factors are considered to have a negative impact on the detection rate, one of them being human factor.


Increase confidence in the examination outcome and patient’s quality of life.

Colorectal cancer prevention is the primary goal of screening and diagnostic colonoscopy. At least 50% of all interval carcinomas2 (iCRCs; defined as a cancer diagnosed between screening and post-screening surveillance colonoscopies) arise from missed lesions during colonoscopy. DISCOVERY™ has a strong potential to contribute in decreasing the appearance of (interval) colorectal cancer by empowering doctors to find and treat more polyps than ever before and so influence the frequency of the examination interval.


Improve health care cost efficiency.

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