EG29‑i10 Video Gastroscope i10 Standard HD+


The EG29-i10 Standard HD+ Gastroscope provides high definition visualization and greater therapeutic opportunity through a new, larger 3.2mm instrument channel in a common diagnostic-use gastroscope. Other key features include HD+™ Megapixel Resolution CCD, CloseFocus™ Examination Range, high degree tip angulation, forward water jet and new ergonomically designed control body.

The EG29-i10 video gastroscope is equipped with a CCD matrix of high resolution, has 9,8 mm the entered tube in combination with the tool channel of 3,2 mm. This device provides the high-quality image and can be used with a large number of tools. Generally this model is intended for routine researches, and also can be used for carrying out medical procedures.

The EG29-i10 video gastroscope works with endoscopic Pentax EPK-i, EPK-i5000 and EPK-i7000 video processors. The video gastroscope, the video processor and the monitor are necessary for a complete set of the minimum efficient set at least. For maintaining the database of patients, a data archive of inspections and endoscopic images, and also for the printing of protocols of inspections and images it is recommended to use an automated workplace of the endoscopist of Medical Vision HD.

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