FCY‑15RBS Portable Fiber Cystoscope


The FCY-15RBS Fiber Cystoscope meets the needs of today’s urologists with speed and efficiency for diagnostic, therapeutic and emergency procedures. It combines excellent image quality and endoscope durability. This cost-effective cystoscope is reliable, well-designed and supported by PENTAX Medical’s convenient customer service and expert technicians.

Superfine images, consistent high-quality

PENTAX Medical’s proprietary Superfine fiber technology increases the number of optical fibers in the endoscope for better image resolution and color discrimination. The design of the scope protects individual fibers from damage to maintain consistent high-quality imaging over time. These bright, clear images support enhanced observation and precise diagnosis.

Multifunctional, large working channel design

The 2.1 mm working channel makes the FCY-15RBS perfect for multiple tasks, including biopsies. This large working channel also allows physicians to clear the viewing area of debris using the powerful irrigation system to ensure excellent visibility.

Designed for advanced maneuverability

The FCY-15RBS is designed with 220°-up and 120°-down deflection that allows rotating and complete observations within the bladder-urethra junction and helps orient physicians during examinations. Physicians are able to inspect the bladder completely via the wide 120° field of view.

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