Minimum Size – Maximum Performance

The HAMILTON-C1 is unique in providing outstanding non-invasive performance in a full featured intensive care ventilator. Due to its very compact design, it offers maximum flexibility in various user environments, be it long term care, intensive care, emergency, or respiratory care. HAMILTON-C1 ventilator’s compact, powerful design also increases the availability of appropriate modes of therapy for ventilated hospital patients. Small enough to fit into almost any ICU environment and competitively priced, they cover the full range of clinical requirements: invasive ventilation, automated ventilation with Adaptive Support Ventilation (ASV), and Non-Invasive Ventilation (NIV).

Compensate leakage in NIV

Changing breathing patterns or circuit leaks are a challenge in non-invasive ventilation. With the innovative IntelliTrig technology, the HAMILTON-C1 automatically responds to varying leaks and adapts sensitivity thresholds for optimal response to the patient’s breath.

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Ventilate safely with ASV

ASV employs lung-protective strategies to minimize complications from AutoPEEP and resultant volutrauma and barotrauma. ASV also prevents apnea, tachypnea, excessive dead space ventilation and excessively large breaths.3 ASV guides the patient in a favorable breathing pattern, avoiding potentially detrimental patterns, from fully supported ventilation to extubation.

Reliability and performance

HAMILTON-C1 ventilators deliver a cost effective ICU ventilation solution that is appropriate for all patients – from children to adults. In the ICU, in the recovery room, and in long term care, HAMILTON-C1’s fast setup and easy management ensure the most appropriate treatment for every patient. HAMILTON-C1 systems combine reliability and high performance with advanced lung protective strategies and patient-adaptive modes. They are the ideal choice for ICU special care areas, cardiac surgery recovery rooms, stepdown or subacute care units, and long-term care centers.

Besides its unique features, the HAMILTON-C1 includes everything you expect from a high-performance ICU ventilator:

  • a compact, powerful design that increases the availability of appropriate modes of therapy for ventilated hospital patients
  • a choice of ventilation modes for invasive and optionally noninvasive ventilation
  • the ability to ventilate adult and pediatric patients
  • Small enough to fit into almost any ICU environment
  • an extensive monitoring package