The HAMILTON-C3 has been designed to ventilate adult and pediatric patients in the critical care environment.

With optional support, the HAMILTON-C3 is also able to ventilate infants and neonates. The unique Ventilation Cockpit™, with its high definition widescreen, provides exactly the information you need and helps you focus on what’s important. The Dynamic Lung and the Vent Status window assist you in immediately identifying the patient’s lung condition and assessing the weaning process. Adaptive Support Ventilation (ASV) makes ventilation intelligent by providing optimal support with each breath for virtually all patients. The HAMILTON-C3 has been designed with built-in, hot swappable batteries and a turbine—giving you maximum independence and flexibility to accompany your patient everywhere.

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See and understand all important information at a glance

Our Unique Ventilation Cockpit on the HAMILTON-C3 reduces complexity by visually displaying the patient’s respiratory mechanics, current condition and ventilation support in an intuitive way. The HAMILTON-C3 graphically displays this information on a single 12.1 inch high-resolution window, providing you a continuous ventilation therapy “big picture”.

The HAMILTON-C3 provides you with:

  • A 12.1 inch high-resolution widescreen display for more information at a glance
  • A unique Ventilation Cockpit that is designed to improve safety through intuitive operation and monitoring
  • Proven closed-loop ventilation that automatically applies lung-protective strategies – reducing the risk of operator errors and promoting early weaning
  • A single, versatile source of invasive and non-invasive ventilation for adults, pediatrics and neonatal ICUs, emergency and recovery rooms, subacute care, and intrafacility transport
  • Integrated turbine and hot-swappable batteries providing maximum mobility for up to 6.5 hours