Experience the Impact With NIOX VERO®


Routine FeNO Monitoring to aid in treatment optimisation

NIOX VERO gives you an objective and accurate measurement of airway inflammation right at the point of care.

Improved Treatment and Care of Patients

FeNO (Fractional exhaled Nitric Oxide) testing with NIOX VERO offers individualised asthma management that can improve the treatment and care of patients. Regular FeNO testing of asthma patients with NIOX®, measures allergic airway inflammation (Th2 driven) and helps to:

• Establish the patient's baseline and personal best FeNO level
• Assess adherence to ICS treatment
• Optimise the use of ICS and adjust accordingly
• Aids in diagnosis and helps to identify patients who may benefit from biologics

To date, over 18 million tests have been performed using a NIOX device.


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Experience the impact with NIOX VERO

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