ScopeStore ENT Storage Cabinet


Endoscope Storage Has Evolved

Non-lumened ENT endoscopes can now be stored securely and cleanly using LTE’s Scope-Store ENT range.

As with the main Scope-Store range, our ENT models can be supplied as either ‘+’ or ‘SE’ variants. The ‘+’ models provide full monitoring and recording of the scope and storage conditions, whilst the ‘SE’ provides a simpler manual solution.

Capacities: 5-scope bench-mounted model. 10 and 20-scope floor standing models

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Touchscreen Controls

The Scope-Store ENT+ has an easy-to-use touchscreen control system. The menu-based interface allows details of each user and endoscope to be recorded easily, with relevant data being clearly displayed.

Scope Identification

Scope ID’s are pre-loaded into the control system. The identity of the scope and its location in the cabinet must be entered via the touchscreen before the door is released and the scope loaded. When the scope is to be removed, it must be logged out via the touchscreen in order to release the door. This procedure allows the scope to be fully traceable. Alternatively scopes can be scanned in and out of the cabinet using our barcode reader option.

Security, Monitoring and Traceability

Controlled access is one of the many features of the Scope-Store ENT+. A door interlock prevents anyone without a relevant PIN or barcode from gaining access to the cabinet. Individual PINs and barcodes are assigned to users who need access to the cabinet. Each entry and exit of the scope is recorded and attributed to the relevant user. The elapsed storage time of each scope is constantly displayed as a simple bar graph on the touchscreen. Any fault condition causes an audible or visible alarm. The monitoring system provides the clinician with a full picture of each scope’s storage cycle.