Sentry Suite Software

SentrySuite Software (SeS)

Integrated software applications for testing, review, connectivity and workflow . SentrySuite software (SeS) is a collection of software applications to assist you with clinically intelligent diagnostics and to help improve productivity and efficiency . SentrySuite software focuses on your data, organization, workflow and connectivity, so you can focus more attention on what matters most—your patients.

ARTIQ.PFT for SentrySuite™ Software Solution

The ArtiQ.PFT artificial intelligence (AI) software automates the interpretation of pulmonary function tests (PFTs). It reduces the administrative burden and allows pulmonologists to focus on clinical decision making and patient consult. ArtiQ.PFT uses artificial intelligence to support the detection of disease patterns early in the diagnostic process and thus holds the potential to reduce redundant testing.

Based on PFT data (spirometry, airways resistance, lung volumes and diffusion capacity) and patient characteristics (age, pack-years, sex, height, etc.), an automated report is generated in less than 1 second. Each report contains three key components, the PFT protocol, disease probabilities and recommendations for further steps.

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ARTIQ.PFT for SentrySuite™ Software Solution

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  • Importing data from Jaeger, Vmax system for other product lines into SentrySuite software can help you better manage your data. SentrySuite’s software ability to function in these mixed network environments lets customers who need to transition their lab over time take advantage of SentrySuite software without replacing the entire laboratory.
  • SeS user interface designed as a smoothly functioning workspace to maximize productivity workflow and minimize unneeded mouse clicks and screen changes.
  • Elements commonly shared over multiple applications, such as Quick Trend view, are always in the same location in the workspace. Toggle between applications without leaving your workspace.
  • Our new Guidance and Stabilitrak application provides detailed but simple instructions and graphics to assist technicians as they coach patients through data collection. Excellent teaching tool for less experienced technicians.
  • Merge/replication allows customers running in client/server network environments to work online /offline and synchronizes on a scheduled basis or on demand.
  • With Sentry.NET, you can access your data from the internet using a standard Internet Explorer to view, interpret, sign and push the information to the next step.
  • No size limit to your database because full SQL server 2008 is standard in SentrySuite software version 2.5, and its scalability ensures you can grow without fear of performance issues.
  • Complete seamless interfacing to your electronic medical record for both hospitals and physician offices is economical and smart using VLink.