Vyntus Pneumo


Vyntus Pneumo PC spirometer with new, forward-thinking software is specifically designed to help you improve patient testing, laboratory efficiency and productivity, while better managing expanding requirements surrounding patient information.

The modular JAEGER™ Vyntus™ PNEUMO belongs to the Vyntus Family and is combinable with Vyntus APS for bronchial challenge testing and/or Vyntus IOS Impulse Oscillometry for measuring central and peripheral airway resistance. Optionally, Vyntus PNEUMO allows expanding your diagnostic possibilities with measurements like Rocc, P0.1 and Pmax. Vyntus PNEUMO is featured by the workflow and quality driven SentrySuite™ Software.

The heart of the system, the JAEGER flow and volume transducer

The reliable, proven, accurate, heated JAEGER pneumotach has been selected as the measurement device of choice in hundreds of publications. Its excellent dynamic range allows for testing a broad population, from small children to athletes. Thousands of PFT labs profit daily from its high performance.

The pneumotach, which is easy to disassemble for cleaning, complements the validated MicroGard™ II bacterial / viral filter for a comprehensive hygiene concept.

Use your Vyntus PNEUMO for all of the essential spirometry testing:

  • Flow/Volume-loop (FVC)
  • Slow Vital Capacity (SVC)
  • Maximum Voluntary Ventilation (MVV)
  • Pre and Post medication testing or therapy control

Optional tests to complement your Vyntus PNEUMO:

  • Rocc allows for easy and fast Resistance testing with just one single occlusion during tidal breathing
  • MIP/MEP Maximal inspiratory and expiratory pressures for measuring respiratory muscle strength
  • P0.1 to easily measure tidal breathing respiratory drive
  • Bronchial Challenge testing program with automatic calculation of PD/PC

Optional modules to broaden your diagnostic view:

  • Vyntus IOS complements spirometry with airway resistance analysis during tidal breathing; from elderly down to young children and patients with neuromuscular disease
  • Vyntus APS dosimeter for automated and safe bronchial challenge testing and classification incl. bronchial challenge testing program


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  • Traditional, durable flow sensor technology.
  • Pre/post FVC, SVC and MVV are standard.
  • Occlusion option using the interrupter method requires minimal cooperation and coordination for quick airway resistance estimates, making it ideal for preschool children through adults.
  • Occlusion increases the amount of objective clinical data MasterScreen Pneumo can measure in your patients.
  • Single flow sensor technology for entire pulmonary function platform (spirometer, IOS, plethysmography, DLCO) minimizes instrument variability when considering upgrading or expanding.
  • Comprehensive hygiene solution: Single-use barrier filter or complete disassem+F32bly for disinfection and cold sterilization.
  • MasterScreen Pneumo provides 10 incentive programs for spirometry, each adjustable to maximize patient effort and allow them to reach the goal.
  • Our new Guidance and Stabilitrac application provides detailed but simple instructions and graphics to assist technicians as they coach patients through data collection; excellent teaching tool for less experienced technicians.
  • Complete seamless interfacing to your electronic medical record for both hospitals and physician offices is economical and smart using VLink.