We are committed to providing training programs supporting continued education, we offer bespoke training to improve skills and enrich knowledge across all healthcare settings, backed by deep product knowledge and evidence-based practice. Skilled experts are at your disposal to answer practical and clinical questions regarding the care & use of your equipment.

Training & Education

Our proven educational programmes provide first-class product training and is designed to keep you up to date with best practice and the very latest guidelines to ensure effective use and maintenance of our products, to ultimately secure patient safety.

Clinical & Technical Training

We acknowledge the importance of adequate and continuous training of Clinical and Technical staff. We build strong and supportive working relationships with each hospital department.

Our key focus is to educate our customers with the knowledge and skills to optimize equipment usage, clinical practice, and patient care.

Certificates of achievement are issued to all participants who successfully complete our formal training courses.

Courses & Workshops

We deliver and support a variety of in-depth training courses and workshops led by experts throughout the year for clinicians, nurses, and bio-medical engineers.

Our workshops are designed to offer both practical skills and theoretical knowledge, ensuring that your skills are enhanced on your return to the clinical environment.

Decontamination & Infection Control

We acknowledge the critical importance for adequate and continuous training in the use of your equipment in accordance with approved guidelines and procedures.

A key focus of training will be on cleaning & disinfection ensuring compliance with manufacturer’s guidelines and national decontamination guidelines.