PlasmaTYPHOON+ and PlasmaBAG

The PlasmaTYPHOON™+ is an ultra-fast drying unit for endoscopes, this system dries and stores endoscopes faster than any other system, ever! Ultra-fast and complete drying in just 1-3 minutes. It works together with the PlasmaBAG™, a single-use device for active storage with plasma and ultra-fast storage in just 5 seconds and it offers safe storage for up to 31 days.

Enhancing hygiene and patient safety: Accelerated drying for EUS scopes in just 3 minutes.
Boost hospital efficiency and traceability: Full traceability and connectivity to hospital networks and data management systems.

Maximising productivity in endoscopic reprocessing:
– Intuitive touch panel with guided process control
– Improved embedded automatic validation with integrated alarms
– Connector tubes can remain attached between drying and storage cycles, accelerating turnover time and reducing the need for additional maintenance.

Handling is optimised to make daily routines simpler:

  • Intuitive software guides procedure flow on a touch screen interface
  • Visual guidance and colour-coded tubing improve process flow